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Клиника доктора Ланге

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Название:Клиника доктора Ланге
Адреса:г. Санкт-Петербург, Наб. Канала Грибоедова, д.52.
г. Санкт-Петербург, Большой пр., П.С., д.92 Б
Телефоны:(812) 570-570-0, (812) 346-3646, 346-4469

Просмотры / в этом месяце: 2458 / 7
Заходы на сайт: 9 / 0

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About us

Health is the ultimate benefit as well a priceless asset of not just every individual but rather of the society in general, it is a major social value.

You have made a decision to entrust your health to professionals, and you appreciate advertency of your doctor as much as guaranteed high standards of medical services.

The purpose of Doctor Lange dental chain is to help you in gaining new strength for creativity, love and professional achievements. Doctor Lange dental services are based on the experience of European clinics and combine German academism with Russian hospitality.

Our clinics are based on “all-in-one” principle – all necessary dental services are combined “under the same roof”, and are accessible to patients in the same location.
Importantly also, our clinics are conveniently located in the center of the city within walking distance from metro stations.

Our experts are always available to consult you on any stomatological issues. Equipped with state of the art diagnostic facilities and instruments, our specialists can establish the diagnosis to the utmost degree of precision and offer a treatment program which will restore the patient's health.

Every member of our team will do anything to make your visit to our clinic comfortable and health-efficient. All our stomatologists are top class specialists who successfully graduated from the best schools, completed internship in Germany, USA and Israel and regularly attend congresses, symposia and exhibitions held in Russia as well as internationally.

In the event of indications and necessity, our specialists can prescribe and arrange an appointment with the leading specialists on national and international level.

We provide convenient and comfortable treatment!

Entrusting their health to Doctor Lange professionals, thousands of people live with confidence in their health, working capability and opportunities.

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